Learning & Professional Development Programs

Our agendas and theme of our learning and professional development programs have focused on understanding critical issues, developments and challenges across a range of commercial, corporate, institutional banking, financial markets business, treasury, risk, strategy and regulatory matters.

From debt and equity capital markets, liquidity and balance sheet management, business/commercial and corporate lending and credit to financial market business, asset/liability management, regulation and impacts of the Eurozone crisis. These are just some of the many detailed issues we cover in our programs that are conducted in major global financial centres across the globe with leading financial institution and other experts.

Every program and agenda will however differ in accordance with the critical market, regulatory and business developments at the relevant time. Because of our day to day focus of global banking developments and our research capabilities, we ensure that our agendas, topics and structure of our programs deal with the most relevant and cutting edge business and market challenges being faced by participating banks and their senior executive participants.

Since the global financial crisis, we have focused on assisting senior bankers better understand and gain greater experience in dealing with many of the critical impacts on their businesses and how they respond to an ever changing and unpredictable financial market environment.

Our Programs not only give unique development experience but also provide invaluable business knowledge, comparative analysis and insights into market developments that are radically impacting the management of balance sheets, business models, risk considerations and other strategies that banks need to anticipate as global financial markets continue to face uncertainty, future volatility and new risks.